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Joanne’s Story

Well here I am, I’m looking at your face. The setting of this room is dark
But the light from the window has captured all your beauty lets take this for mourning
Let’s take this for memory
But when he looks back upon his life he spent with her he feels like she is still there feels like she is still at home but reality sinks in as he screams in silence
Now I know the queen is position placed with precision check mate and the reaper wins again. (Take your pieces back to the board) my respects have been paid. So please don’t take this out on me. I’m sorry.
And enter this lonely room to see the face of a stranger. Well don’t let her see you cry just make it to the backroom. Now you see him its time to die. And all those things that are running through your head take this time out
This room is dark but your shadow is cast this day you rest we won’t forget……….

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