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We'll Meet Again When Both Our Cars Collide..</3

[Emo LyriCs] •//.this.is.NOT.a._b r u i s e_//•
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I ♥ Frank Iero
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This is our first community [ever] so it's probably gonna suCk -siGh- Hmm.
Some [ruLes]:

♥//.Don't attempt to put anyone else down, or you will be thrwn out.
♥//.Anyone who has any ideas about layouts for the community, please share!
♥//.Don't come here just to talk bad about emo or any of the bands listed.. Everyone is intitled to their own music taste.
♥//.My favourite band at the moment is My Chemical Romance.. So please, no bad talk about their music or band members =).
♥//.Feel free to discuss bands or songs.
♥//.Feel free to request lyrics to a song.. And I will try my [best] to get them for you =).
♥//.We are cooler than you. Deal with it =)
♥//.Don't come here just to say "Dude.. you're ugly!!" - I don't give a shit.
♥//.Don't just stick to emo.. Post lyrics from any genre of music if they have a meaning to you.
♥//.Finally.. Emo rawks =D.

Sorry for the shitty layout and stuff, I'm just not rich enough to pay for an account on here. Once I find out how to do some HTML and stuff everything should be fine =) Heard of any good new bands? I'd ♥love♥ to hear about them!

I will be moderating posts, so anyone seen breaking any rules will be kicked out of the community.